Caustic Soda Solid

Caustic Soda Solid [Fused];
200 kg/iron drum;
UN No.: 1823,
Dangerous Classification: 8

Caustic Soda flakes

Molecular Formula: NaOH;
Pure white flake;
CAS No.: 1310-73-2;
UN No.: 1823;

Caustic Soda pearl

White pearl;
Particle types: < 0.7mm,
0.7-1.5mm, 1.5-3.0mm;
25kg PP woven bag with PE liner;

Caustic Soda

Sodium hydroxide is one of the strongest base known in chemistry and is also known as caustic soda. It has a chemical formula of NaOH. It is used in various applications by numerous industries worldwide.

It can be used for Alumina production, Soap production, Oil drilling, Fuel production, Pulp manufacturing for producing paper, Biodiesel, Aluminium etching, Cleaning agent, Leaded Glass Window restoration, Paint stripper, Tissue digestion, Food preparation, Domestic uses and chemical analysis.

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